Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fabric Thrifting

Here's a batch of fabric from two or three recent thrifting adventures.
The top one is very heavy, so perhaps a nice poncho for the kiddo?  The Christmas fabric will be turned into gift bags.  Then there was the nutsoid purchase:  two separate things of Vikings fabric.  I thought my husband would be super pleased, because I could make him pajama bottoms or something, but he wants nothing to do with this fabric.  Boo.  Though he did suggest that I use some for when I make the I Spy quilt for our little girl.  Next up was some ugly floral.  I don't know why I keep buying ugly florals.  I have an addiction.  And then there's the final bit of yardage...purple!  There's a lot of this, too...maybe four or five yards? 


  1. So you want no more florals? Went to a thrift store lasts night after work and saw some fabric but it isn't cheap there. They did have a yard of pink dotted swiss for $1 but the rest was a wee bit more and they had tons of double knits. Remember even ugly fabric will have a purpose some day. Maybe a stuffed animal?

    1. No, I'll still accept them if you send them to me, but I have a lot of ugly florals in huge sheets of fabric, so I think they would make 500 stuffed animals. That's a lot of stuffies.