Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pajama Party: Start

I started cutting out the fabric for Advance 2143 (possibly circa 1939) on Saturday.  This is the first time using an actual old old vintage pattern and, I don't know if you know this, but the pattern pieces had no markings.  Seriously...no markings.  And all pattern pieces were pre-cut for you.  See for yourself:
So how do you tell what's what?  They give you little perforated holes to indicate to cut on the fold, the grain line, etc.  And the pattern pieces are labeled with little tiny perforated letters, like this:
Can you even see that?  It's an "M."  

Anyway, so I started the top and had to teach myself a little bit about a flat felled seam.  They gave a little diagram on the pattern instructions, but I went with this tutorial at the Coletterie.  I sort of love it.  I don't know how I'll do it for the arm holes, but this is how it looks at the shoulders:
Dude!  check out the nearly perfect matching stripes!  Oh, yeah!  And I didn't even plan that.  

Here's the other shoulder.  I had a little trouble with that side and there's some puckering:
 And here's the underside of the seam:
Nice and tidy!  I really love it.  I would love to use it on future garments, you know, because I'm still afraid of my serger.

I have to do a half inch seam for this and I'm so bad at keeping things straight, but this whacha-ma-gadget has been really helpful:
It's a big magnet gadget to help you with measuring out seams.  The red tape underneath is for 5/8", but this is great for all those other measurements.

So that's as far as I made it with the pajamas.  They are hanging on My Mann right now and they seem rather hulking.  My husband is not hulking.  I'll have to figure that out later.

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