Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Reusing Calendars

Maybe this is not an original idea (I haven't bothered to google it), but I thought I would highlight something that I do to repurpose calendars.  

About six or so years ago I got into a scrapbooking phase.  I was putting together my college and high school albums, when it dawned on me that those calendars that my college had been sending me each year since graduation were exactly 12x12, the same size as a scrapbook page.

The calendars featured gorgeous campus scenery, so I chose a bunch and used them as the backdrops for some of my college pages.

I also had an old Wonder Woman calendar that I had saved and I managed to incorporate some of those pages into my album, as well.

Here I am demonstrating my lack of roller blading skills:
And then I cut out the caption in this next one and inserted my own.  I kept the thought bubble theme going for photo commentary.
Anyway, since I have a hard time throwing things away (future hoarder?), I have a small collection of calendars accumulating in my scrapbooking supplies.  I'm not sure what else to do with the college ones, because I am pretty much done with my college years.  I have considered making little tiny handmade books with them, but I have not made any progress with that idea.


  1. You could make scrap book pages for your friends OR you could make pages with blanks and sell them to Hamilton people on Etsy.

  2. Love this idea AND your scrapbook pages:)