Monday, April 22, 2013

A Few Pages

I've been filling the baby book with photos lately and working on a few pages of my own.  A few months ago, Shutterfly had a big promotion, so I got a ton of pictures and I am so glad to reducing that pile of photos.

The first pages I worked on only reduced the pile by three photos, but the concept was too cute, so I don't mind.
Dude!  Are those my toes!  Obviously I am too lazy to crop them out.
At least the toenails are obscured so you can't see that bit of hideousness.  Blah!
Anyway, I wanted to feature these cute photos of bedtime stories with her dad and then the idea came to me about showcasing all of the titles that we like to read to her.  
I wanted to give the books on the shelves some dimension, so I used that foam stick-um tape.  Next, I tried to give the edges some shadows with some black smudgings.  My husband says they just look like dirty books.  Oh well.  By the time I realized that, I was already committed.  I like the touches of gold on the spines.
I also like what I did here with the title of the page.  They are books!  And in that first photo I did the journaling on the spines of the books.  I don't know if that works or not, but it was the only place I could think to do it.

Next up, I used six photos on one page!  Yes!  Reduce, reduce, we must reduce the pile!
For the previous set of pages and this page, I used backgrounds from a book of Far East pages.  The solid colors have some shimmer to them.  I love the glitter letters.  I sometimes wish I could put glitter on everything.

And for the final page, I only pulled two photos off the pile.  Oh well...better luck next time.
That fun fence border sheet is from the Goodwill via Target's scrapbooking section, I think.  It was a little packet of fun autumn pages like that one.  I picked up those glittery stickers a while back when they were on sale.  I have a huge pack of them.  I guess I need to start scrapping all previous Halloween costumes in order to use them up.  

Anyway, I think that is it for now.  I'm also working on a hush-hush scrapbooking project as a gift for my husband.  DO NOT TELL HIM!  (And I can tell the world, here, on this bloggity blog, because he does not pay any attention to my crafts.  I've also got the album sitting in plain sight on the buffet, but again, he pays no attention to these things.)

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  1. LOVE:) These are all fantastic too! Love the book page!