Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Crooked, but Done

Folded into thirds, the name on the I Spy quilt should be perfectly centered.  In theory.  This is my reality.  Crooked.  Stinker.

Otherwise, here is the finished quilt:
With a shamrock square for the partially Irish recipient:

Most of the fabric squares came from Crafterhours' Spoonflower I Spy selection. 

The backing is from my mother's Great Purge and was used on her end for a quilt for my other nephew.
The end.  Until the next time I have to make one for my own kid.

Also, I'd like to note that I appreciated the simplicity of the name.  ALEX has all straight lines.  I really can't stand sewing around curves for these names.  


  1. It's BEAUTIFUL!!! When I first saw part of the fabric on the back I didn't get what it was. NOW I get it. It's great! A job well done on the whole thing. You are amazing!