Monday, December 22, 2014

Here You Go, Puppy...

This time last year, Zelda received an adorable set of play farfalle.  These little pasta pieces were made with a lush wool felt and came in a handcrafted box.  All was made by my friend, Rin.
Seriously, adorable.
She loved playing with it, but it didn't last more than two months.  The little stinker fed some it to the dog.
I was cooking in the kitchen and my back was to her when I heard her say, "Here you go, Puppy."  She was feeding each little bow tie to the dog.  It was so tragic.  I don't know how many the dog scarfed down before I rescued it.  The precious few that remained were set up on a high shelf never to be played with again...

Well, until, I took them down and let her play with them a month later, but we forgot to tidy up before we left for the afternoon and we came home to no pasta pieces in sight.  The dog had devoured every last one.

So sad.  The box still exists and that was really the best part of the whole present, so I'm glad about that.  So that is the story of the lost farfalle.  This is why I am extremely leery about making lots and lots of felt food for her.  We can't even leave any of the wooden food out.  Roxy also ate two pieces of one of those sliced bread toys.  Ugh...that dog.    


  1. You have pictures, a great story, and the dog didn't require surgery from eating the fake farfalle.

    1. I swear, sometimes I think these animals have a death wish. The dog has devoured anything from underwear (most toxic!), prescription glasses, cd/dvds, and diapers (they have that absorbent filling that cannot be good for them). The cat at a chicken bone the other day and I'm still convinced he'll keep over any moment.