Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Handmade Ornaments

Another ornament post. 

When I was taking the pictures of the woodburned ornaments, I realized that I had added three additional handmade ones to the tree this year.
My mom visited last Christmas and she made this felt tree during one of our naptime (Z's, not ours, because that would not make sense) crafting sessions.  Neat.  I have it in my head to make felt tree garlands and this was a prototype of sorts. 

Also, my sister sent along two handmade glass ornaments.  She's got a boner for kid handprint art and she made up two snowman print ornaments  (one from each kid) for our tree.

It looks like the palm was on the base of the globe.  She then decorates the little handprints with hats and scarves.  Cute, right?  

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  1. LOVE handmade ornaments AND you said boner so amazing post all the way around! Thanks for sharing:)