Friday, December 5, 2014

Tea Time

This little altoid-like tea tin came with a tea box two years ago and I quickly snatched it up and tossed it into my craft room abyss.  (Again, Craft Hoarding.)  I knew that it would someday have a purpose.
That day has come.
Play tea tin!  I made these four little tea bags for my niece's tea set.   She'll get them for Christmas when her play kitchen comes back online.  

It's really just a rectangle of cloth, a small pinch of filling, a ribbon and a sliver of felt for the tag.  I went ahead and embroidered "TEA" onto the label.  Should I have written the tag out upside down?  I can't decide.
I don't have any more tea tins like this one, which opens really easily and the lid is attached, which is super nice.  These came with that doll house box lot and are pretty cool, but they are a little tough to open and the lid detaches so it will promptly get lost.   Who am I kidding, the tea bags would probably get lost, too.


  1. As a tea drinker/lover, I totally love this! What did you use as your filling? While not tea (technically tisane) you could fill with lavender for a lovely smell and that same tea bag feel. If you ever want some real, loose-leaf tea (not the powder remains used to fill most tea bags) I have some amazing traditional black, or great smelling black with fruit (currant, apricot, peach, etc.) you are welcome to. I may just have to try to make a few of these for myself for some of the little girls in my world. How fun!!

    1. I just used some fiberfill (whatever it's called...that fluffy white stuff that comes in a bag). They were really easy to make and if you need some fabric to whip them up, let me know...I've got plenty!