Monday, December 29, 2014

Fused, Like, Really Fused

I wanted to make a quick perler bead ornament, so I went out to Creative Kidstuff and found a perler bead kit that made space ships.  I don't have a stash of perler beads and I didn't want to run out to visit a big box craft store (mall traffic, shudder!), so this was my best option in the time I had.

This particular kit came with gray, black, green, and blue beads.  I really only needed the green, because I wanted to make a cthulu ornament.  I had found a pattern for it through Pinterest, which, let's be honest, is my new Google.  I only had the one hue of green, so I had to deal with that.

Here are the results:
So, yeah, that shit is fused.  As it turns out, I was only supposed to heat it with the iron about 20 seconds per side.  I did not really pay attention to the directions and kind of screwed up.  It works, I guess.

I'd like to get better at these, because they are kind of cool.  I've seen some other things that I'd like to perlerize and maybe next time I'll try fusing it within the recommended timeframe.

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