Wednesday, December 3, 2014


A few summer seasons ago, Target offered plastic pint baskets in the Three Dollar Spot.  I think there were two to a package.  I bought two packages and then I found another two packages that fall at the Goodwill, which gets Target's castoffs for 99 cents.  In the end, I really did not need that many fake baskets.  

I really think I'm becoming a Hoarder.  A Craft Hoarder.  It's in the DSM V.  Look it up.

As I was saying, I use a few of them to store wooden food in the play kitchen and the rest are wedged in the craft closet somewhere next to a paper making kit (unused) and photo albums (partially filled).  I finally found a use for the smaller of the baskets:

I used Martha Stewart's tutorial for strawberry pincushions.  (I can hear my mother now saying "Good Ol' Martha.")  I didn't print the pattern piece, but eyeballed it and it worked.  I also skipped the part about making seeds.  
So cute!  One tried to escape (not shown) and was hiding under the couch behind a massive tumblefur.  

Tumblefur - as defined by Webster's - is a pet hair cluster resembling a tumbleweed.  Look it up.

I have to sew the little green cap to it and then I can add it to this little outcropping.

It really inspired me to want to make a bunch of play food and I've been pinning like a mad lady.  These are not for my kid, though.  These were intended as a birthday gift for my niece, but I have since learned that her play kitchen disintegrated in a recent move and will be replaced at the end of the month for Christmas.  So these will keep until then and I *gasp* bought a birthday gift instead.

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