Monday, August 26, 2013

Set Your Places...

...with placemats!

I made six quilted placemats for my friend's belated birthday gift.  My inspiration was here, but I decided not to do any patchwork and just used the quilting idea.  My walking foot was a beast.  It kept making loud noises, spitting black mascara dust onto my fabric, and then choking every once in a while.  On the last set, the green, I finally took it off and just quilted with my normal foot.  I probably need to take my machine in for its 60,000 stitch tune up.
Two bound in yellow, two in peach, and two in green.

One of each is quilted in this sun/horizon style with four different coordinating threads:
And two in this squiggly line pattern:

I backed them with some floral fabric that is a coordinating version of my umbrella fabric:

I feel like they are almost, but not quite, a complete game of SET.

I am thinking I could make some napkins out of the remaining floral fabric.  That would be sharp.  The gift is already late...could just be a little later.  But I wanted to send it with her kid's present and that birthday is in early September.

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