Tuesday, June 18, 2013

95% Chance of...

...my umbrella being finished!
It works!  I had to whittle the dowel that connects the stick to the cap, glue it in place, and then use tiny finishing nails to further secure the ribs to the stick and the cap to the dowel.  Whew!  Does any of that even make sense?  I don't know, but look at it!  Gorgeousness!
Well, I guess that's a bit cocked up there at the cap.  I don't know why it is all bunchy.  Oh, well.  My mom thinks I should paint the cap and the handle, but I don't know.  They match the little end pieces and I like that they are roughed up.
So, what's left?  I need to put snaps on the tie.  And...waterproofing.  I didn't want to buy the vinylized cotton, because it was about $17.00 per yard and this was a practice umbrella, so I used yard sale yardage from my stash.  I picked up a bottle of waterproofing spray at JoAnn's, so hopefully that will work.  And then that's it!!  


  1. I love this to pieces. How many more umbrellas are you going to do. I think you'll find the yard sale fabric to be just as good as the other stuff once it is waterproofed. Plus many more unlimited choices of possibilities. Guess I need to be on the hunt for those old long handled umbrellas. Umbrellas for everyone !!!!!!!

  2. You are ridiculously talented my sister.