Monday, June 24, 2013


My machine has been sort of weird lately.  It was spewing some sort of black speckles onto my quilt.  Well, I'm assuming it came from the machine and not from my mascara or something.  Not that I was rubbing my face on the fabric, but it was weird.  So I opened everything up and found this pile of dust. I gave it the can o' air treatment and cleared that all up.  I also oiled it, though my book says not to.  There's been a squeak and it did not improve after the oiling.  Anyway, what it really needs is a tune up.  But here's the thing...this all happened Thursday night before bed.  
That was the last time I sewed until Sunday night.  On Friday at 8pm we lost power for approximately 19 hours.  Oh joy.  And, of course, we had no supplies of any kind, despite the fact that I have printed out the emergency preparedness kit supply list three or four times.  I have just never been motivated enough to put the thing together.  An hour after the power was restored, we went to the store and got most of the recommended supplies on this list from FEMA.  So that's my PSA:  Build your kit!                                                                           

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