Saturday, August 24, 2013

State Fair 2013

We made our third visit to the Minnesota State Fair today.  We definitely go for the food.  It has such good fair food.  This year we tried the following:
Dough-sant by French Meadow
I don't know.  I think this Dough-sant is supposed to be like this fancy cronut that has people peeing their pants in NYC or wherever.  But it definitely did not look like that.  As for taste, well, it was okay.  All of the Fair reviewers have been gushing about this one, but it was not my favorite at all.

That was breakfast.  For lunch we had steak sandwiches at the Mancini's booth.  Seasoned steak, peppers, and focaccia.  Delicious
Chased by some draft root beer.  1919, I think, is the brand.  See the frothiness:

And then there's our finale of Minneapple (deep friend apple) pie with cinnamon ice cream and all you can drink milk (for $1!):

I also found the displays of all the jam, quilt, and other crafty submissions this year.  For some reason I could never find it in the prior two years.  

I love how all the baked goods have the samples sliced out of them.

My favorite baked good submission was this:
How did this not have a blue ribbon on it?  This was fabulous.

And the needle arts submissions were also pretty good:

And then this one is very mysterious:


  1. thanks for the tour! it's like I was there. the apple pie thingy looks awesome. I expect to see one your items submitted next year for the crafts.....chopchop. -the boy

    1. I know. I kept wandering through and wondering what I could make. None of my patterns are original, so I don't know if that matters. I'd have to check the rules.

    2. And thanks for your vote of confidence!