Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pirate Princess Painting Psmock

The "p" is silent.

Irate Rincess Ainting Smock?

So here is the second painting smock for my sister's kids.  The first was for my nephew and catered to his favorite topic:  dinosaurs.

My niece likes pirates.  She's almost three and her smock can only be worn by a pirate princess, which, as luck would have it, she is.
Again, it's from Oliver + S: Little Things to Sew.  Unlike the last smock, this one has bias tape lined armpits.  Speaking of...
The two side panels are identical, though the pocket pirates are a bit different.  The black/white skull fabric was previously used in a cheerleader costume.  The pink pirate pocket fabric was originally used for my mom's apron, though I don't seem to have a non-mom photo of it and I'm guessing she does not want to be featured here.  Both fabrics were used for these aprons.

As for the skull and crossbones patch, I bought two of these when I made that cheerleader costume.  One went on the costume and the other was stuck to my roller derby bag.  I peeled the latter off the other night and stitched it onto this smock.  Thanks to my book club ladies for advising me on the best placement for it.

So this package gets sent out today with both aprons and some do-a-dot markers.  They are like bingo dabbers, but in fun colors. 

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