Saturday, August 17, 2013

Gift bags...for December

Sometimes fabrics get earmarked for certain projects, so I pull them out of the stash, set them aside, and wait for the right time to make them.  Sometimes those fabrics get earmarked years in advance and go through periods of being back in the stash or awaiting project initiation...depending on how clean my craft space is.  Christmas fabrics have had such a fate.  A few years back I made up Christmas gift bags out of holly fabric.  They were cute.  Unlined, but still cute.  I used all of my Christmas stash up that Christmas and then my sister-in-law sent me a yard or so of blue Xmas tree fabric.  Oh boy!  So I started over and my collection grew and I even added some Hanukkah fabric to the mix.  Every few months I'd pull the fabric out of the closet and think about making bags.  In early July I finally started sewing some up.

This time I lined them.
 I really love this blue.  So vibrant!

And here's the fabric for the Christmas bag:
Lined with some heavy green/white check home dec fabric.  My mom gave me this, I'm pretty sure.
 Oh, and the blue is lined with pirate fabric (used for a costume by my mom and once I incorporated some into an apron).
I have a few more Xmas bags done, but I only had enough for two Hanukkah bags.  The ultimate goal is to lighten my holiday stash this year.  I have tons of non-Christmas fabric that could also be turned into gift bags, so that's definitely a future project.

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