Friday, August 30, 2013

Journal Cover

I was intrigued by the Stitched in Color journal cover tutorial, so I have kept it in mind for my friend's daughter (age 12) and now the time has come to reveal my interpretation.  The tutorial features patchwork journal covers and I really considered doing that.  The girl likes bright colors lately, so I thought about doing something with a fun design, but I just couldn't muster the spirit.  So I did something with ribbons.

I really thought about doing horizontal and vertical ribbons and then weaving them together, but that idea was squashed when I thought about how easy pens would catch on the woven part.   So just horizontal.  I like that all the ribbons are different:  one is velvet (orange), one is like a skinny twill tape, one is satiny and the others are fake grosgrain (fauxgros?).
As for the tutorial...not bad at all -- it was very easy to follow.  Good stuff.  Oh, and this fits one of those composition notebooks.

I also sent along a sand art kit by Djeco.   Her mom hates glitter, so I couldn't go with the glitter art kit, but she's never said anything about sand.  This sand art kit featured masks.

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