Thursday, August 15, 2013

Flowerbed Progress

I am putting edgers along the perimeter of my backyard and I've been doing that the start of June.  It takes a long time.  I was doing about five edgers per evening, but sometimes I don't get any in.  So this was my first set of pavers (crap, I mean, edgers...why can't I ever get this right) in June:

Two months later, the bed has grown as such:
I put some herbs (thyme, oregano, chives, and dill -- that's the overgrown stuff) and a few other plants that I can't remember.  There's morning glory and a lot of volunteer sunflowers that grow from the seed that falls out of the bird feeder.

From this bed, I put pavers (ugh, edgers) in near the deck, but no plants yet.  I need to think of some bushy plants that don't get a lot of light.  There was a grape that I wanted to grow up on the deck, but the stainers smushed it and then tore it out of the ground.  I guess it looked weedy to them.  So far it just has my compost bin and the water bin.
I can't seem to find a before picture of the entire back yard, but here it is now:
The raised bed is going to come out at the end of this season,  but I've been making my way down with the edgers on the right side of the yard and planting flowers as I go.  
Nothing is really in bloom except for the sunflowers.  Oh, and the neighbors planted morning glories so that's what's growing on the fence. Otherwise in my flowerbed, there's a red carnation plant, phlox, bee balm, coneflower, and some other things that I can't remember.  All are perennials.   I planted an urban apple tree, but I think it is still going through tree transplant shock.  Such a sad thing.

And the last view is the little tiny bed over near the deck.  I like it.
Some perennials.  The white stuff is alyssium or something like that.  The vine is a hyacinth bean.  I planted them last year and when I found some seeds sitting on the ground this spring, I stuck them in and got a sprout.  Catnip is in the basket.  It was on the ground, but neighborhood cats kept destroying it.


  1. Absolutely beautiful. I'll have to see if I can harvest some of my Four O'Clock seeds for you this 'fall' (Like we really have a fall down here - HA) Everytime I look at the pictures it gets more beautiful. I didn't realize you put a garden along the fence to the right. And you have tons of room on your deck for pots for next year. My favorite is the little area between the gate and the deck. It's like a secret garden. Now let's see the front flowers.

    1. Front flowers are odd. I didn't plan it very well and I just don't know what's going on with them. I'll get some photos soon, I guess.

  2. very nice work, good to get your hands dirty once in awhile, eh?. And cool severed hand on the compost bin ;-) I keep getting nasty letters from my HOA about the "weeds" in my yard (blackberry briers and sedgegrass) --The Boy.

    1. Thanks! Must've forgotten the hand. Buried the rest of him under the tree. Ugh. HOAs annoy me. Blackberry and sedgegrass sound nice! I can see one concern on their end, but I bet it's not their concern: Blackberry briars can be problematic as they do tend to send up shoots all over the place. I got rid of the raspberry in my back corner, because it kept doing that and I was afraid my neighbors would not appreciate it. Plus the kiddo kept getting entangled in it. I put in an elderberry bush instead. It's supposed to get like 8 feet tall, so hopefully it will cover up that alley down the back.