Friday, July 14, 2017

Still a Work in Progress: Dollhouse

It's been THREE years since I bought the dollhouse.  THREE YEARS!  But this summer it will get you want to know why?  Because it's in the garage and it needs to be sanded!  Hah!  Progress equates to being out of the abyss that is my craft room.  Plus my older kid has been playing with it in it's partially refinished state and has been pestering me to paint the dang thing.
She loves it.  She brought in all her little friends in a dumptruck.  (As an aside...that little pink doll to the right of her hand is Moana, I think, but a very dolled up heels!  I don't think Moana wore shoes once during that movie.  Nuts.)

So, while she played yesterday during a sick day, I sat on the other side of the dollhouse and pried off shingles by hand.  If you'll remember, the shingles have been my least favorite part of the house and some were even scratched up by an unknown creature.  At one point, I got a little overzealous and dug a hole right out of the roof:
 Check out the before (above) and the after (below) in the bottom right corner of the roof.  Nuts.
After the dishes tonight, I dragged the thing to the back deck, grabbed an upholstery tack/carpet staple remover tool to pry up the shingles, and got to work.  Those shingles were off in no time.  They've left some bits that are still glued on, so some sanding will be in order to get that all off.

While I was on the deck, my neighbor/architect of the LFL came over to investigate the dollhouse.  I consulted him about the hole and he scooted over to his place to lend me his wood filler.  I patched the large hole and all other little ones.

Looks good, yeah?  So this weekend I will get to sanding it down.  Yay.  Like I said, progress.

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