Sunday, July 10, 2016

Little Free Library!

On Saturday we had the grand opening for our Little Free Library.  About thirty friends came (thank you!) from my neighborhood, my book club, and my kids' school.  We had a ribbon cutting, book-themed refreshments, free bookmarks, and lots and lots of donations (more thank yous!).

My neighbor hand-crafted this beauty and I painted it.  It's pretty adorable!

Open for business!
These hinges are pretty cool, but after about an hour of repetitive opening and shutting, they got a bit loose.  The architect says we may need to exchange these decorative ones for some more industrial strength ones.

We spread the donations out on a table.  I have a whole extra box of books to keep the library fully stocked.
We had fun coming up with literature-themed snacks.  I found little chalk place cards/markers at the store.  They were pretty cheap and fell down a lot, but they served their purpose.  Unfortunately, the words are hard to read in photos, but we served:  Goodnight Gorilla animal crackers, One Fish Two Fish Gold Fish, Lemonade Snickets, Mouse's Cookies, Moose's Muffins, Raisins in the Sun, and Sticks and Scones.  That last one was a bit hard.  My neighbor-architect made the most delicious scones on the planet, so I just googled book titles with scones and that's a real book name.  

As of this afternoon, two books have been taken (yay!).  I'm going to wait a bit before shoving more books in, in case anyone wants to donate any.  I realized that I had stuffed it quite full, so there was no room for random donations.


  1. So awesome! Love everything about this (and your Catherine Holm bowl)