Thursday, July 21, 2016

More Bookmarks

I had the day off today and I would have gone up into my craft room, but we are having a heat wave and I don't have air conditioning in that room.  I decided to try my hand at making some more laminated bookmarks. on the level with the AC.  I really do love that thing.

I used my broken Little Women book as source material.

I loved this book, so it was a little sad to cut it up, but that binding is shot.

But then I also had a bit of a hard time cutting up the Fireside Cookbook that I have, so maybe I just don't like to cut up books (not a bad issue to have, I'm sure).
It's such a pretty book with gorgeous full-page, color illustrations throughout, like this creature:
In case you were wondering what this creature's sign said.

In addition to the full-page illustrations, there are little illustrations that are also pretty great:

But the binding is broken and the book is stained:

I don't know.  One page was loose, so I just cut that one up.  

I love this new batch of bookmarks, but those marbled ones are still my favorite.

Trivia Q:  Name the four March sisters from Little Women.

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