Monday, July 17, 2017

Pretty Thrifted Things

My mom was in town for the week of the Fourth of July and I was off from work, so we spent our days hanging out at thrift stores.  I got an entire new wardrobe, which is good, but I also found some pretty tea canisters for my craft room.

 And this sweet one:
I also found a handmade blanket.  In theory, my craft room is supposed to double as a guest room.  Of course, the guest must only weigh four pounds because the guest will have to sleep on a rickety old antique bed (that does not yet have a mattress).  This blanket is perfect for the room, though:
I also bought some fabric...silver stuff that was probably from the Disco era and a sequined one.  There's tons of silver and not so much of the magenta, but!
My mom also found lampshade for one of my kokeshi lamps:
These poor lamps have been without lampshades for probably seven to eight years.  Blah.  I kept thinking I'd need mini shades, but this fits perfectly.  Thanks, mom!  We found one more maroon shade, but the other two lamps still need to be rewired.  


  1. ALL wonderful! Great shopping.

  2. Marlee just squeaked with delight at the sight of your kokeshi lamps. They are wonderful!