Sunday, July 2, 2017

Pretty Things

I went to a lovely wedding this weekend.  It was on a boat that cruised along the Mississippi River.  The bride had collected dozens of bud vases and filled them with all sorts of flowers.  They were so pretty.
They had been transported to the venue in these little partitioned crates, which was just so charming.
They lined the dining tables, dotted the small tables on the upper deck, and even stuck a few in the bathrooms...or should I say the heads?  Isn't that the nautical term for toilets?  
And the even the backs of the table seating charts were lovely:
The bride also enlisted the help of one of our bookclub friends to make the boutonnieres...a talent that she had kept hidden from us all these years!  So pretty!
And look at this little pretty!  
 What are these cute little bears doing?  They are guarding the German Chocolate Cupcakes from just launching themselves into my mouth.
And then there was the bunting!  We had a bunting making sweatshop (post to follow) about three weeks ago.  We went in early to affix it to the ceiling of the dining room...
 Most of these fabrics were found at the Textile Center Garage Sale in April.
 She also had some doilies strung up on twine:
And then we had to take it all down at the end...but look how lovely it all clustered together:

Congratulations, Colleen and Ben!  It was all so very lovely!


  1. Thank you for all your generous hard work and lovely vision--the wedding was more lovely than I could have dreamed.