Saturday, July 15, 2017

Dollhouse Things

I've been having such a hard time finding pieces of furniture and things for the dollhouse, but on a visit to ArtScraps here in St. Paul, I found some little decorative bits for fancifying the house:
Planters!  I think I will have to go to the pet store and get some fishtank greenery to fill the planters.  Some fake mini-seaweed would work, right?  I will also need to paint them...shiny gold maybe?  I still have gold spray paint from two Halloweens ago.

And then I found these scrapbooking pieces:
They are plastic sticky frames for embellishing scrapbook pages, but I think they will work as wall frames.  I'll have to find some fancy photos to stick in them.

Anyway, that's it.  Oh, but I guess I should report that there was a furniture death.  The sink from the bathroom set committed suicide or was murdered by the cat when it fell off my shelf.  Poor thing.   I may be able to glue it back to good health.   For full disclosure, I suppose you should also know that I let Z play with some dollhouse furniture and she got her paws on the kitchen cupboards (I did not protest strongly enough) and promptly tore off a door.  Remember in Goonies when they gave Chunk the framed map to hold?  That's my Z.  She breaks everything.  In her defense, of course, she's only five.

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  1. I'm imagining some of those random photos I saw when we were antiquing. Maybe a bigger one cut down smaller. Like random kids lined up by height in front of a car in the front yard.