Friday, July 21, 2017

1:16 not 1:12?

I've patched the holes and sanded...multiple times, but the roof area is still pretty rough.  That glue from the shingles was industrial strength and it just won't come off.  So...what to do? 
I'm considering that spray paint that makes things look like stone.  That could work for a rooftop.  The original idea was just to paint it a dark color with some hand drawn roof-type lines, but I think plain paint is just going to look crappy with all that glue residue.

I pulled out my bucket of paints to play with the other night.
 And slapped two different grays on the outside:
Meh.  That was the idea...gray, but that's the color of their room.  I like it...I just don't know.  So many decisions.

In other dollhouse news, my original estimation of the scale (1:12) may be off.  The reason I say this is because I was super close to buying a kitchen set on etsy the other day and the seller suggested measuring before purchasing.  The sink was 4" high and when I measured 4" in the kitchen, the sink would have covered up some of the window.  That led me to this article, which seemed familiar and may have been what I used originally.  After reading through it and measuring the doorway, I've come to the conclusion that it is more 1:16 than 1:12.  

I was able to swing by an antique store and found some inexpensive additions to the house.  A kitchen sink!  And look...right at the window level.  That's what it's supposed to look like.
The doors open, but one is a bit off.  My kids will tear that thing off if I don't figure out how to reinforce it.

And here's a little table with a cute birdhouse.
I also found some plates.  These are just for me...the kids will not be allowed to play with them.  I'll go get them that enamelware set at Michael's or something if they want plates.

That's it.  Everything was on sale, so yay!  I'm thinking about painting that table.  We'll see, though, because once I get some color up on the walls, the brown table may not be as overwhelming.

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