Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Our house can be so drafty.  It turns 100 this year, so it's to be expected, I guess.  Until we are able to get new storms on our old windows, we'll just have to suffer through it.  To help with the cold air that seeps in near the front door, I whipped up a quick draft buster.  It seriously took ten minutes, if that.  I made that nice one for my friend last year, but I don't need something fancy.  I used the remnants from some hemmed curtains and I barely needed to remove any fabric. 
Don't pay any attention to the ugly green mat.  That came with the house and I have yet to find a replacement.  The draft buster has definitely helped a little bit, but we really need those storms.  We replaced ten old storms with some fancy ones in the sun room and that place is now the warmest room on the first floor.  

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