Friday, January 23, 2015

Neighborhood Snowmen

The snow was just perfect this past weekend for making a snowman.  It was Z's first one, which was kind of exciting.  We let her watch Frozen around Thanksgiving and she's been pretty obsessed with the Frozen Girls, as she likes to call them.  I mean, not obsessed like she wants to dress up in Elsa's gown, but just obsessed in that she likes to sing the songs and talk about the girls.  When we came in from making the snowman, she called out to Elsa and Anna to tell them about it.

The hat didn't fit, so I just grabbed some dead plants that I never got around to cutting back and we gave her some hair.

She's very regal.
After we finished, we walked around the block to see if anyone else had any snowmen.  We only found two before we had to head back in.

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