Friday, January 16, 2015


I finally finished that batch of constellations for my sister's kids' bedroom.  She is doing a space theme for the room and asked for curtains.  I suck at curtains and I advised her that she should just do a nice navy curtain and have fun with the decorations.  So the constellations are my contribution instead.

I used a zodiac pattern set from this etsy shop.  I opted out of using a black denim fabric and went with a soft gray.  (Also, I apologize for the crap photography -- we were having a streak of cloudy weather when I took these and nothing came out right.)  
Sometimes I went a little bonkers with the extra stars:
The backs are a mess, but I didn't want to glue a backing on them in case she wants them turned into a pillow at a later date.
I'm not convinced that the pattern for this constellation put the little lines in the right place:
Of course, it could just be user error, because I totally messed this one up and didn't notice until I was just about to seal up the box:
And then I put them all in one of those wonderful boxes that I recovered with the vintage foil wrapping paper.
I know that my sister will reuse that box.  She's good like that.

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