Friday, January 9, 2015


Mid-stitch.  I was mid-stitch on a redemption pouch when it happened.  I had the day off from kids and work, so I was making real progress in trying to make zipper pouches.  I was only doing one zip pouches, because the three zip had turned out to be crap.  I made one and it was glorious!  So, after lunch out with my husband, I came back and did a little assembly line cutting and stitching, like so:
And then I was on my third zipper, when the entire piece that holds the needle onto the uppy-downy  (technical term) part of the sewing machine fell right off.  WTF?  These are the parts and I could not get them back on:
It was dropped off for repairs and they said I had a screw loose.  Oh, I mean, the sewing machine had a screw loose.  The guy said he'd drop it off for pick up when it warms up, which I'm assuming means he'll be there in July.  I said as much and then asked him if he was suggesting I find a new hobby.  Anyway, he also said that there was a lot of lint in my machine.  It was only serviced less than a year ago, so what is up with that.  I should check my belly button and see if all my friends have abandoned ship for safe haven in my sewing machine.

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