Wednesday, January 14, 2015


A number of years ago I scooped up this vintage wooden puzzle map circa 1978.  My original intention was to make jewelry out of the pieces, because, you know, I don't have enough crafts to do already.  But then I started putting it together and I kind of loved it.  I realized that it should stay as a map puzzle and live on.  And then this happened:
Whaaa?  Where's the final piece?  As it turns out, I bought a busted puzzle to begin with.  I never put it together after I bought it, so maybe I lost the piece somewhere between California and Minnesota, thought it kind of looks like Ohio/Michigan is the piece that jumped ship.
Now what do I do?  The jewelry idea is still viable, I guess, or maybe magnets?  Balls.

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  1. Glue it together.... frame it.... and sell it to a fan of the South Eastern Conference and call it "Who Needs Ohio and Michigan? Real College Football is in the South!" Except for the fact that this year Ohio State beat Alabama and went to win the National Championship. -the boy