Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Spy Swap

I'm participating in an I Spy Swap.   Basically, it will cost me the price of a yard of fabric from Spoonflower (not to be confused with Spoonriver, which has the best French toast ever with coconut milk, rose water and cardamom...).

**wipes drool from chin**

Um, what was I saying?  Oh, yes, the swap.  So I buy a yard of fabric, then it comes to me and I chop it into 56 5x5 inch squares, which I then ship to the swap hostess.  She then sorts all the swatches and sends out a package with 56 different squares to each participant.

So this is what I've chosen as my yard:
You can see all of the other selections here.  Why this fabric?  Vintage glasses are fun and I didn't have a gazillion hours to dedicate to looking through the seven billion fabric examples on Spoonflower. 

I have been interested in making an I Spy quilt for my niece and nephew and this may be my chance.  There's no way I have enough novelty fabric to come up with a quilt on my own.  I've been pinning some stuff and the Swap hostess has a good board started, as well.

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