Monday, September 24, 2012

Another package...

My mom has been on a rampage with the packages lately.  Her most recent package was filled with tons of little Halloween trinkets for Halloween trick-or-treaters.  Our neighborhood got like 200 kids last year and the year before (I think they are shipped in from elsewhere in the city, I swear, because there are not that many kids around here...or maybe there are and they just hide when they see me coming), so I can make up some little gift bags with a toy and a trinket.  Will keep you posted on how that goes.

Otherwise, it was another box of fabric, featuring polyester fabric:
 There's about a yard of that and am I the only one who thinks of Where in the World is Carmen San Diego when you hear the word "polyester?"  It's because one of the characters was called Polly Esther Fabrique.  Love that.  Actually, I wanted to work it into a blog name, but nothing ever came of it.

On with the fabrics...she sent me a bunch of little scraps, which is actually good, because I've been thinking about an I Spy quilt and scrap quilts, so maybe some of these fabrics could be worked into those projects.
 And then she sent me two more pieces of chintz.  Not really sure if I like these at all.  The white one is definitely vintage.  We'll see.  I could wash them first.
As for the rest of the box, there was some interfacing, another craft book, and some felt.

Thanks, Mom!


  1. Washing does help makes things seem a bit less...cold and unwanted.

    1. This is the most mysterious comment ever!