Sunday, September 9, 2012

Game Day!

We have a lion.  It's not a real lion, of course, because that would be crazy.  He's a stone lion and he came with the house.  It's the general consensus that the lion needs to be dressed up for each holiday.  So, last October I found a witches hat at the Goodwill and he looked like this:
When we got our steps redone this spring, we moved that eight ton lion to the top of our stairs leading down to the sidewalk.

And one morning our neighbor decorated him for the Fourth of July.  Or was it Memorial Day?
 And...we left that flag there until this morning.  But, really, what holidays are there between July Fourth and September 9th?  Well, Labor Day, but a flag could represent that, right?

Anyway, today is opening day of the Minnesota Vikings season and my husband LOVES them and even bought a ticket for the game.  A few weeks ago he found a plastic kids helmet with the Vikings logo on it at a rummage sale and was convinced that it would fit on Lion's head.  It did not.  So I decided the lion needed something to wear and we could use the helmet as a prop.  

Two weekends ago we went to the Goodwill and I found a $4.99 t-shirt with the Vikings logo on the front and some dumb stuff about a player on the back.  I cut off the sleeves and the back, but left the logo and the neckband intact.  I then found some yellow satin in my scrap stash from a cape I made years ago.  I sewed that onto the butchered t-shirt and made a cape for Lion.
 And here's the back:
I didn't bother hemming the bottom of it, but I was lucky to have large enough pieces to use the selvedges for the cape edges.  I did not bother ironing it.

We also put out the flag.

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