Friday, November 14, 2014


I've been tasked with making a matching apron to this one for my niece, but there's a slight problem.  The original apron is mainly blue with a green accent and yellow binding.  Unfortunately, the blue fabric looks like this:
Most patterns want me to cut the apron out on the fold.  Do you see my fold?  It's that small bit of fabric in the bottom right.  Stinker.  So I think I need to rethink the state of matchiness on that apron.  Maybe the main fabric could be the green?  I don't know.  I need to figure it out.

Another option (maybe for when she grows out of the toddler apron) would be to make matching aprons at the same time with the right amount of yardage for both.  I also have patterns for 18" doll aprons, so I could also make a matching apron for her doll.  

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