Wednesday, November 19, 2014

For the Messes

Sometimes things that say washable paint or washable markers are not really all that washable.  I was tired of paint on the bellies of shirts, so I decided to make a little painter's apron for the kiddo.  I used some very loud, very 80's fabric that my mom sent me as part of her Great Purge.  It is really loud, so I apologize if your eyes have been assaulted after viewing it.
See...with that apron fabric combined with the floral curtains and the polka dot shirt, your eyes are assaulted.   The apron is a tad big at the neck, but it served its purpose, so I'm not fretting about that.  
Bias tape was used along the armholes and for the neck and waist straps.  Because it is that plastic coated fabric, I didn't need to finish any of the other edges.
That's my dragon that she's messing with!  Little stinker.

And check out the apron bib:
She kept wiping her hands across her chest, so that's good that it worked.  At the end of our painting session I just wiped the thing down.  Easy.

Ugh...that fabric.  I still have a few yards (!) of it.  What am I going to do??

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