Monday, November 10, 2014

Kitty, X, and Z

Here's an update to the girls' room.  Well, technically, it is only a girl's room, but in six months I hope  they will both be in there.  Fingers crossed.

So two years ago the wall of mixed pictures looked like this:
It has not changed very much, but a few things have been added so that it currently looks like this:
The Minneapolis Spoon print was added last year sometime, so that doesn't feel all that new to me.  I was thinking that the newest additions included a kitty and some letters:

 My friend, Secret, made this.  She had previously sent us another piece of art as a baby gift when Z was born.  (Here's a link to her facebook page.)

I picked up these two letters at Midtown Global Market in one of their stalls.  A Z for Zelda and an X for Trixie.  I've decided that X is her signature letter.  It's so much better than a T or a B.

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