Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween Process

As promised, here are some process shots of the Halloween costumes.   Most of them were snapped with my phone, so please forgive their low quality.

First up is my failed attempt at crafting the unique design of an acorn onto the beret.  Absolute junk.  
That's really the only photo of the acorn process.  

As for the squirrel, here is the pattern that I drafted for the tail.
I just opened up a paper bag and drew out a tail.  I had Z on the floor next to it in order to figure out scale.  It worked.  At first, I was just going to sew the two side pieces together, but then I started to think about gussets.  I just ended up cutting two long, tapered rectangles and it made the whole thing fill out a lot better.

Here is a naked tail.  I had not yet wrapped it with yarn.  You can see the seams.  It's rather bulbous and weird looking.  I would have made the top part fatter, but I didn't buy enough felt for mistakes.
Are those my feet?  Bah!  I hate when they sneak into photos.
That's pretty much it.  Now that Halloween is done I have to think about two to three upcoming birthdays and Christmas.  I have ideas for some of the stuff, but have not made much progress.  The Baby has not been sleeping well for a couple weeks.  I've been exhausted and have not done any work in my craft room.  I'm taking Monday off and Tuesday's a holiday, so hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in a bunch of hours of crafting.

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