Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Felt Up

Have I used that title before?  It feels recycled.

Anyhoo, I stopped by Treadle Yard Goods this weekend for some fabric shopping for Christmas gifts.  Before I could even settle on anything, my eye was drawn to these gorgeous heathered pieces of felt.

That blue one is the one that drew my attention.  So vibrant with the flecks of color.  

I hope to incorporate them into my Fairy Felt Book (if that thing ever gets done before the girls go off to college).

I was so distracted by my felt find that I didn't get all of the fabric that I needed and had to go back the next day.  Here's what I got during that first round:

I really like that blue animal one.  Very fun and much more vivid in person.


  1. 'dat felt??.... it is now.... -The Boy

  2. Great stuff! Who cares if you've already used that title....who doesn't like getting felt up again?