Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Slovenly Sleek (aka Shabby Chic)

A week before I found I was pregnant, I picked up a cabinet at an antique shop with the intention of refinishing it.  It was yellow and had clearly been shabby chic-ified to show a layer of green paint.  I am not a fan of shabby chic.   It also had a bit of a funky smell to it and a layer of parchment stuck to each shelf.  In short:  it was a mess.

So, like I said, I was pregnant and I figured that stripping and painting the cabinet would not be a good idea.  I stuck it in the garage and it sat there until yesterday, when I came to the conclusion that I will not have time to refinish this thing until the baby goes off to college.  I moved it into the craft room.  It still has a little bit of a smell, but it's not unbearable.  The parchment is still stuck to the shelves, but I can live with that.  And it is still shabby chic.  Boo.

Here are the pictures:
 Can you see the parchment?
I've decided that pattern storage is the way to go.  My patterns have been stored in this suitcase and this box:

The suitcase is actually a bit busted.  I had it open while perusing the patterns and THE CAT (the one seen above on the yellow cabinet) jumped on the lid and completely tore it off the hinges.  Bummer.  It still closes with the locks, but it's not very secure.  I need to find a use for it that does not involve opening it a lot.

Anyhoo, I transferred all of the patterns to the cabinet.  It's not the best system, because, as I have since discovered, every time I open the door some slide out, but until I get some old school metal bookends (or maybe some sort of tension rod?), this will have to do:
I've organized them as follows:  vintage, womens, costumes, kids, other (bags, aprons, housestuff).

There were a few loose pattern pieces and I've stuck them in a folder until I can find time to put them to their rightful envelope.

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