Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Quilts...the Big Reveal

So here are the four "I Spy" quilts that I sent to my nieces and nephews for Christmas.

I seem to have made them in the order that the kids were born, so here's the quilt for my three-year-old nephew:
And for the reverse, I chose some Goodwill fabric from this outing.  I had just enough of it.  This was also one of the first quilts that I made, so I was not yet very good at binding the damn thing, though the binding for his sister's quilt turned out much worse.

And then Quilt #2 was made for my two-year-old-niece...
This backing was also from that same Goodwill excursion and I still have plenty of this purple basketweave fabric for another three of these quilts probably.  Yikes.  And also note the binding disaster...Sorry, Gaia!  Also, the sashing on these first two quilts has a very slight print to it, which added just a little extra time when sewing, because I could never figure out the right from the wrong side with just one glance. 
Quilt #3 was made for my two-year-old nephew, who, by chance, was born the day after my two year-old-niece...to different mothers, of course.
The backing was done with some thrifted fabric from Artscraps.  I love how the striped binding turned out on this one and the sashing is just plain white with no fanciness.
Also, I love the wonkiness of his name.  Actually, I think this third quilt is my overall favorite.  Plus, look how neatly it folded up for easy mailing!

The last quilt is for my nine-month-old niece.  I used a gray sashing and plain yellow binding, which I thought was a nice contrast.
Sorry, I guess you can't see the appliqued name very well in that photo, but in person it looks pretty good.  And for the backing, I went with some awesome green that I've had in my stash for years.  
As for the pattern, I went with Moda Bakeshop's Convertible Crib Quilt.  It was a pretty easy pattern for a first-time quilter.  I only quilted the horizontal lines, because sometimes the vertical lines did not match up very well.  I happened upon a quilting shop where a lady only does that giant arm quilting and she sold me some 80-20 wool batting in 120 inches, which was perfect for four quilts and a lot cheaper than buying four separate packets of it, I think.  

I probably have enough squares left over for my own kid's I Spy quilt, so then all the cousins will have matching quilts.  Though, I must say, if anyone adds any cousins to the mix, I think they'll get different blankets, because it was quite the hassle to round up enough individual squares.


  1. These are awesome. You did an excellent job

  2. These are fantastic Rachel! Homemade gifts are ALWAYS the best but these are really extra special:) Hope you had a great holiday!

  3. I agree with your Mom - you are very talented! Love, Secret

  4. What is that sticking out from Alden's blanket...Is it Sasha?