Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fire Hydrant

I've got this novelty fabric...naked fireman.  Well, they aren't fully naked, but only half naked with the hint of future nudity (one is unzipping his pants).  I bought this fabric to make aprons for my gay buddies, but never got around to it (it was an involved idea, with appliqued flames all over the hem of the apron).
So I'm so desperate for charm squares for these I Spy quilts that I started wondering about cutting up this for the quilts.  But the firetruck is too big and everything else in the print is attached to some bulging naked muscles, but I found one thing...
A fire hydrant!
But it was too much hassle to cut out one hydrant, so I'm just going to give one kid this charm square in his or her quilt.  

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