Thursday, December 13, 2012 year

Last year I made my brother-in-law a stocking out of one of those felt kits to match the ones I'd made for his kids the previous year.
We don't have any stockings and I haven't decided what style I want to do, but I have picked out next year's Christmas stocking project for one set of in-laws...
From Tried and True
Aren't they fabulous?  I think I want to add strands of sequins for a little twinkle twinkle.  But anyway, that's next year.  This year's gifts are already planned and I'm out of time.


  1. wow! look at all the dazzle on the one you made this year. i love the design of the future inspiration!

    1. I love that design, too. I really think strands of sequins along those spaceship light beams and whatnot would look great.

  2. Maybe you can make tree ornaments to match each one......a little robot on the tree would be so cute.