Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Tis Nearly the Season...Again

As previously mentioned here and here, I have been working on our Christmas stockings using the marbled fabrics from my marbling class at The Textile Center.

For the third stocking, I used the piece of cotton that I marbled:
I was really lucky to figure out what to do with these small slivers of fabric.  They really are no bigger than a sheet of printer paper.  

I used the exact same pattern that I used with the purple stocking, because these two are for the girls and, from experience, I know that it is better to have stockings the same size when siblings are involved.  I don't want to listen to them bitching for the next 20 years that so-and-so's stocking is 1/8" larger.  Little stinkers.

I'm still trying to get that bow to perk up a bit.  I was going to wrap it around the top of the stocking, but when I finished the top with the gold shiny bias tape, that had more appeal.
The inside is a bright orange polyester, which complements the orange in the ribbon.
I love how the marble fabrics bring everything to life.  So fun.  It's cut off at the edge of this photo, but I used a sequin embellishment to patch a hole made by that rose satin.  Once that was tacked on, another hole appeared, so I added another strip of a different gold ribbon.  What a mess!  This all happened before I attached the backing and the lining, which was lucky.  

This stocking and the purple one have a fusible fleece lining, as per the directions.  It really makes them much less limp than the original stocking.  Anyway, I backed it with pink corduroy that I had to patch together in order to get enough fabric, which gives it some added stiffness, as well.
Do you see the slice of orange fabric, between the black and the marble?  That is the cuff of an old shirt -- you can even see the button holes.  I can't remember how that made it into my scrap stash.  Was it stained?  Ripped?  I thought about putting a sparkly button on the stocking, but I rather like seeing evidence of its past life.

Z chose the purple stocking, so this one belongs to Miss Trix.  Their names are not embroidered on them, so they can really switch them up every year if they want.

I have yet to make the fourth stocking.  I realized as I was writing this and looking over my original post about these marbled fabrics that I made a fourth fabric.  I wasn't sure how I was going to tie my husband's stocking in to the marble theme without taking another class or cutting up a nice fat quarter that was made by the instructor, but then I was reminded of this ugly piece:
Vikings!  I think I can make it into a pretty stocking with golds and purples and whites or silvers.  Maybe?  First I have to find it.  I doubt I would have thrown it out (I rarely throw anything out - Craft Hoarder!).

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  1. wow! great stockings! and funny comment about siblings.... personal experience, eh?