Sunday, November 29, 2015

Last One

The fourth and final marbled Christmas stocking is finished!  Well, except for the bell, which the 18 month old promptly ripped off. 
So I didn't go with a total Vikings theme, because I saw a very, very slight hint of teal within the marble waves.  Can you see it, too?
No?  It's there.  I used this sparkly ribbon again for the loop.  I also wrapped it around the edge of the ribbon that bound the rough seams at the top.  The bottom of the ribbon was kind of rough, so the teal sparkles hid that.
OOOH!  See, in that section of marble you can see a speck of teal.

It's another skinny stocking, but it's my husband's and he'll probably only ever get little bits of chocolate in it, so that's no big deal.

The back is pretty.  I used an Asian floral that I had cut up for an aborted stocking design, so I was glad that I could put it to use.

Ugh.  I see that I need to go try and turn that heel out a little bit more.  It should be less boxy.  

As soon as I put up evenly spaced hooks, I'll take a picture of all four stockings together.  Yay!

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