Sunday, November 1, 2015


Here they are!  The Rainbow and Little Sun:
I took inspiration for the rainbow from A Subtle Revelry,  Costume Works, and a pinned Etsy item that is no longer available.  I took one large half circle of the red for the backing, then I sewed some heavy interfacing to that, and then I started working on the front of the rainbow.  I sewed a line of each color, slightly overlapping the first.  Then I added a line of clouds and stuffed that to give it some puffiness.
There's that shiny pot of gold!  Anyway, then I just repeated the process for the back.  My favorite parts, though, are the straps:
Rainbow elastic!  What a good little find at Treadle Yard Goods.  I don't know if she took much notice, but I was thrilled about it.  Red would have made the straps blend in with her fleece, but...rainbow straps!

Anyway, I sewed up from the bottom to almost the armpit to keep the rainbow from flopping about too much.  Here she is from the side:
The clouds are sewed on at the peak of each puff -- some of them came apart when she wore the outfit to her class party, but they were easily re-tacked.  

As for that little sun, I took an oval of heavy interfacing, sewed a yellow oval onto it and then sewed on orange and yellow triangles.  I glued on the face.
There were elastic straps at the shoulders and sides, but she cried like crazy when we wore it out to ZooBoo and then one of them snapped when she resisted efforts by her teachers to put it on for her class party.  I tricked her into wearing it for Halloween pictures by using diaper safety pins and attaching it to her coat.  She whined a bit when she saw it coming, but it didn't seem to bother her once it was on.

Her bucket was a pail that I glued stuffing onto.  She never went out for candy, but it served as a cute prop and it can easily be turned back into a pail.

Here are the costumes from the back:

And one more shot of cuteness: