Thursday, June 21, 2012

Orange Crush

After years of vacillating between favorite colors, I think I've finally settled on orange.  It seems to be a very prominent color around the house...not so much in the clothing department, though.

We have a house with orange accents, to include an orange door, and orange planters:
There are orange tomato cages.  I wanted to buy the pretty colored ones last year, but they were like $3.00 more than the standard metal cages.  But those metal cages were weak!  My tomato plant totally crushed that cage last year, so this year I went with these stronger orange ones:
 And here's my pathetic little garden so far.  We got a late start to the season because of the baby, but things should start to get bigger sometime this month.
We also have an orange, crushed velvet chair in the living room:

And don't forget all of the orange in the nursery, starting with the dust ruffle and dingle shade lamp and ending with this little collection, all of which was purchased at Target:
We've got a humidifier, hand sanitizer, and a box of tissues.

And the latest addition to my little orange obsession?  My patio umbrella!
It's so awesome.  It even has a tilt mechanism to keep that late afternoon sun out of our eyes.  It matches the house perfectly.  I found it on Overstock, because all the local stores had reds and browns and greens.  I wanted to go a bit more matchy-matchy.


  1. Oh how I love your house:) Orange is my favorite color!! We have a bunch of it splashed around our house too. Fun post. I may have to do an orange post too.

    1. Oh! You should! I want to see your orange things!