Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Diaper Bag: It's a Start

I've been planning to make my own diaper bag for about a year...ever since I got pregnant.  During the first trimester I was too blah to do anything.  In the second trimester I was too excited about having energy to sit and patiently sew anything.  And in the third trimester I was consumed with readying the nursery, sewing Christmas and birthday presents, making my sister-in-law's diaper bag, and elevating my water-logged feet.  

I finally got around to cutting out my pattern pieces...in March.  

And then they sat there.  Waiting to be sewn.  And waiting some more...until June.

Anyway, I'm tired of lugging around a knapsack with all the baby goods in it.  It's time to get this thing sewn and now that she is sleeping later in the mornings, I feel like I can finally start doing things  for me from 5am to 8am on the weekends.  And that's just what I did.  

I managed to put together the front panel with pocket:
I've decided only to line the bottom of the bag.  I've lined the previous two bags with stiff interfacing instead of the recommended hair canvas, because I haven't been able to find the hair canvas in any local shops.  I found it recently on this site, but ordering it will just delay the bag construction even more.  Anyway, because I am not lining the bag, inserting the magnet snap closure could prove problematic in the sagging department. 

I ended up using a small square of interfacing to give the snap some ooomph.
I did it to both sides of the snap and I think it will hold up for a while, but only time will tell.
I also finished one side pocket.
I've still got a lot more to do, but this is where I had to stop to tend to the needs of my child.  

Stray Notes:
  • Again this is B5005, which I've made here and here.  I've struggled with this bag on both occasions, so hopefully the third time's a charm.
  • Use a heavy duty needle on this project.  At one point I think you sew through like six layers...maybe more...and you definitely need a needle up for the task.
  • Mark everything carefully.  I think that is where I keep going wrong with this bag.
  • The fabric choice is a vintage paisley given to me by family in Long Beach, CA and probably purchased along Retro Row.  I made my wedding dress bag with this fabric.
  • I'll probably get to the next steps of the pattern in August...

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