Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Recreate Art: The Plan

I have been tasked with recreating a piece of art.  Specifically, this piece of art:
Homage to the Square: Soft Spoken by Josef Albers, 1969.
Read more about it here.

So, why am I doing this?  Some friends are putting together a personal gallery of art recreated by their friends.  We got a list or artists and I picked this.  I've decided to make it out of fabric (of course), but that requires quilting, which I have never done.  So I looked to my best bud and quilter extraordinaire who kindly made this lovely quilt for my daughter:
I explained the project.  She was a champ and drew me a diagram on how to approach the quilting of my art piece:
How awesome is that?  I love how she even numbered the order of the pieces.  And this is much simpler than the method I had in mind, which involved triangles and whatnot.  She also suggested a specific type of fabric:  shot cotton.  It totally works!  I'll need to find a local source for that or just take my chances and order it from Purl Soho.

So that's the plan thus far.  I still need to decide on the color for the binding, how to hang it, how to sign it, etc.  My deadline is not for a while, but I want to at least find the fabric so that I am not in a frantic search for it as the deadline approaches.   I have a procrastination problem.

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