Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Daily Rainbow

A few weeks ago I posted a picture of a rainbow, but I have a much more frequent color spectrum making an appearance on a near daily basis.


Cloth diapers hanging on the retractable clothesline.
 Cloth diapers inside drying on the radiator in the sunroom.
For anyone interested, we have both BumGenius 4.0 and Flips.  All were purchased at Peapods here in St. Paul.  My sister had recommended the BumGenius diapers and we were loading up on them when a lady at the store mentioned that she had done BumGenius with her first kid and then used Flips with the second kid.  We decided to grab a few Flips as well.  

Overall, I think we like the Flips a bit better.  With the all-in-one BumGenius diapers, you have to wash the entire thing after each use.  With the Flip diaper, unless she's made a giant poo mess, you can reuse the cover and just replace the stay dry insert.  We've also started putting her to bed in the Flip diapers, because that stay dry insert really does keep her pretty dry.  The BumGenius diapers are starting to feel worn out after three months of continuous use and they tend to leak at night...and sometimes during the day.

We are both pretty satisfied with our choice to go with cloth and as we search for a day care, I'm glad to report that all have been willing to work with us on the cloth diapers.  

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