Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dingle Shade

So the nursery needed a little bit more lighting.  It has an overhead dome light, which is just your standard dome light from any home improvement store.  I want to change it out, but haven't found anything to replace it.  The room also has a tiny globe fixture on the wall above the crib (see photo to the left).  This came with the house, though it was hanging on with only one screw when we moved in.  It wasn't until we removed the carpet that we found the other screw and secured it to the wall.  For the longest time we thought the globe itself was all prism-y and colorful, but when I removed the globe to protect it from paint, I discovered that the lightbulb had all of the colors on it.  Weird, but neat.

We also wanted a little table lamp for on top of the dresser, so I checked around at some stores, but all of the plastic lamps felt cheap and flimsy.  Target had a nice lamp in pink, but the more I thought about getting a ceramic lamp, the more I worried about it falling onto little heads.  So I turned to Etsy and found this little plastic vintage lamp for $25.00:
Orange!!  It seems that I keep adding a ton of orange to this room, but since it's my favorite color, I don't mind.  

So this lamp needed a shade.  We went to a fancy pants lighting place and they sold shades for about $80.00 each, so that wasn't going to work.  We then headed back to Target with the lamp in hand and found a perfect little shade for about $15.00:
But the shade was missing a little somethin'-somethin'.  I considered painting it, slathering it with mod podge and fabric or paper, or just adding a little trim.  Trim seemed to be the easiest and quickest route.  I went through my ribbons and things and settled on some dingle balls that I had picked up for a different project in the nursery. I decided that they were meant to live with the lamp instead, so I used the following method for adhering them to the shade:

Step 1...gather supplies:  shade, hot glue gun, dingle balls, scissors.

Step 2...Start gluing from the back seam of the shade.  Make sure to neatly trim your dingle ball edge before attaching.  Then work in small sections of hot glue, pressing the trim into the glue as you go.

Step 3...Continue all around the lamp shade until you hit the back seam again.  Carefully trim your dingle balls to fit the rest of the way and attach with glue.
So there are two dingle balls touching...I don't care...It's the back of the lamp.

Step 4...Repeat along the other edge of the shade until your shade turns out like this:

I found that it was better not to press the dingle balls into the hot glue, because the glue would stick to my fingers.  It attached just as well by pulling the trim taut against the shade and holding it for a second or two while the glue dried.

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  1. Everything looks fantastic Rach!! LOVE the curtain material. So pretty:) You are amazing and she is so lucky to have such a crafty Mama!!